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September 3, 2020 Edition


The state Department of Natural Resources has released new simulations that show how a powerful tsunami could overwhelm Washington state's coastal and shoreline communities.
From the historic heat wave and wildfires in the West, to the massive derecho that tore through the Midwest, to the record-breaking pace of this year's hurricane season, unprecedented and concurrent extreme conditions are all happening right now.


Even though investment returns rebounded from first-quarter levels during the second quarter of 2020, claims from COVID-19 created an “anemic earnings” picture for global reinsurers.
Although total return reinsurers have the potential to generate significantly higher investment returns than traditional reinsurers, their results have been volatile compared to those of Bermuda reinsurers, says AM Best. 
Nearly 60% of mid-sized businesses said crisis management remains a top unmet need in terms of reducing risk exposure. At the same time, a little over a third said they're concerned about rising insurance rates, according to a new report.


While few, if any, organizations saw the coronavirus pandemic and all of its death and disruption coming, some were better positioned to deal with it than others. An insurance executive offers his perspective on what the successful organizations did differently.
Learn why we build our products for the latest browsers and operating systems and how upgraded technology helps you enjoy all the features we offer.
Many insurance policyholders and prospects may not realize that the credit score they see on their credit report is different than their credit-based insurance score.
Spikes in claim frequency and severity are expected across employment, professional and general liability lines in the fallout from the pandemic, according to insurance industry experts. 
A unit of Travelers Cos. Inc. won the dismissal of a business interruption suit, adding to the list of court decisions finding disruptions stemming from the pandemic don’t constitute property loss or damage.


It might sound like a bad movie, but extreme wildfires can create their own weather – including fire tornadoes.
The National Hurricane Center issued a notice that, in addition to Tropical Storms Nana and Omar, two other systems may form into tropical cyclones within the next five days.
Tropical catastrophes are causing more damage because of a combination of increased coastal development, natural climate cycles, reductions in air pollution and man-made climate change, experts say.

Technology & Innovation

Retail behemoth Inc. took a big leap toward delivering goods from the sky by becoming one of only a handful of companies certified by the U.S. government to operate as a drone airline.
Large-scale data breaches are growing in intensity and frequency in 2020, with the number of breaches increasing 273% in the first quarter, compared to the same time last year, says a new study.

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